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  1. Thank you! I'm going out to the post office right now!
  2. Waiting for Toon Link works for me.
  3. Would you rather wait and see if Toon Link comes in at Gamestop this week and ship both at once or would you rather i just ship it to you ASAP?
  4. I'm sorry i called you opaque, bbobb. That was really insensitive of me. You don't have to buy Mighty No. 9 if you don't want to and it's okay if you get it on PSN for free.

    also happy birthday a week later

  5. YOU GOT IT!
  6. bbobb, if you were to get a drawing from ANY VIDEO GAME YOU LIKE, what game would it be?
  7. THANK YOU FOR THE SKETCHBOOK! I will make you something nice!
  9. ∫∫∫∫≤ ∑˙*∂˜†**ˆ˚*˙˙†*˜†*˜嬬*˜*†˙*˚∫∂
  10. Did you get it did you get it?
  11. Bbobb, i am going to put Monster Tale up on eBay tomorrow unless you stop me!
  12. you're the bestestestest.
  13. bbobb, if no one sells you Monster Tale by the time i'm done with it, i will.
  14. Bbobb, will you accept my friend request? I don't want to be rejected...
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