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  1. I just use a cheap headset, nothing fancy. It'll probably be some time next year but i thought i'd ask in advance! I'll keep you notified.
  2. I'd love to talk about it. It's an interesting and very fun game and there's a lot to say about the context of its release on Amiga (which is where it was most popular). There's an earlier game by the same name on BBC Micro that plays fairly differently (I'd almost liken it to the difference between Chack'n Pop and Bubble Bobble - a much harder, more puzzle-oriented experience), as well as a number of later versions (including GBA, a PC one you can still purchase, and various cellphones).

    I only have a crappy $20 mic, though. What do you guys use?
  3. i put "Amiga" on the list. I'll have to get Mzo and Geen into it but i don't think that'd be too hard. Qwak looks like something i'd enjoy. Would you like to be on that episode?
  4. i'm playing Steins; Gate RIGHT NOW and i went to see if anyone ever said anything about it. Only you and Salsashark ever brought it up! I wonder if they'll ever get around to Chaos; Head
  5. Happy birthday bVork!
  6. I was thinking about making it a "Top 10 Underappreciated Posters" thread, but i think that was actually kind of done by Doc.
  7. Awww, I'm touched. And it was totally worth it since there haven't been any further threads of that nature.
  8. Aw, bVork, you was a martyr. I will hold a candlelight vigil until your return.
  9. Maybe it's because you live there. Every time i visit a place i used to live, it seems much more magical than when i actually lived there.

    Maaan, i'll just have to start playing again so i can beat your score.
  10. I'm not sure how much excitement there is in Canada. I usually have to travel to other places to experience interesting things.

    By the way, I just annihilated your score in Triggerheart Exelica.
  11. Victoria looks very pretty!

    this is my total experience with Canada: my parents took me to Prince Edward Island when i was 3, and all i remember was a fantastic train set and a haunted mansion. Canada must house a disproportionate of magic and excitement!
    Kate Beaton lives in Newfoundland; this and Nunavut support my theory.
  12. Nope. I'm in Victoria, which is pretty much as far away as you can get from Newfoundland without leaving Canada.
  13. It's your association with that dakidski! maybe.
    Are you from Newfoundland? That is what he said.
  14. Frog would be correct. Why'd you think I was European? That's like the fifth time somebody has assumed that on here!
  15. yay! bVork, are you from Europe? Frog says you are from Canada, but for some reason i thought you were from Europe.
  16. bVork, please be my friend.
  17. bVork, let's compete at Triggersheart!
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