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  1. Probably not news for you but check out More's Utopia (1516) for early thoughts on the unfairness of vagrancy laws as pertains to welfare.
  2. Can't rep you for that Washington Posta posta.

    I just read and was going to recommend Jude the Obscure to you if you had not already read it. There are Buttcheeks themes aplenty: bootstrap length, "the educated class," the expectation of poor people to abstain from all sensual gratification all the time (lobster is not talked about, but boob-feelin' and booze-drinkin' are), the virtues of vocation, the prejudices of and against non-city folk, religious hypocrisy, the dangers of having too much integrity, whether the rightness or goodness or justness of an idea should be judged by its intent or by its result, the myths of social and class mobility, moral law vs. civil law, etc. It's the buttcheekiest book.
  3. Hi!

    I've been reading these and I thought maybe you'd like them too:
  4. Yes, bumcheek. I would have a problem with a WW2 movie about concentration camps that reduced Nazi depravity to a cat fight between Anne Frank and her mean neighbor.
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