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  1. Thanks! Twas a good read. I liked this paragraph the most

    The Orioles, meanwhile, have made nothing but low-wattage moves, to the rage of fans in comment threads. Down in the comment threads, people would like to see some acknowledgement that they have gone 14 fucking years without seeing any fucking results from the fucking front office and its fucking so-called plans. It's good to see that some people still care, however curdled and angry that caring has become.
  2. I think you'd appreciate this:

    (It's a fantastic read.)
  3. Yes, he is. I wish Cal and a group of investors would do what Nolan Ryan did with the Rangers and just buy the team. It's pretty worthless right now, so I imagine it shouldn't be too expensive. I miss the glory days. I used to go to games all the time.
  4. The O's owner is a disgrace. I really want to see the O's do well again!
  5. HAHAHA. Those pics were awesome. I still think the best pic is Manny high-fiving a fan in the stands on his way to making a double play at Camden Yards. The O's are terrible
  6. I'm sorry.

  7. Ha! Appreciated!
  8. Heard you were feeling down. Posted this in the WBY thread, but as predicted, it got deleted.

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