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  1. Mhm, very much so. Cute pic!
  2. UGH. By that i mean "Yes." I love the English dub SO MUCH.


    Were you one of those people who enjoy that Paper Moon movie?

  3. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate place to bring this up, but wubbadubbadubba. Confirm or deny?
  4. Yeah... i don't like Batman at all, so i don't really know if i'll like it.
  5. It's so good, but it's, well, you know. It would be nice if a game that wasn't afraid of primary colors played like this.
  6. So that Batman is a really good Zelda? Maybe i'll try it after all...
  7. Glad to hear it! She is a good lookin' system.
  8. I forgot to tell you! That Gameboy was here when i got back. It looks so nice! Thanks a lot!
  9. You're welcome! Sorry your message bounced back, i need to clean out my inbox.
  10. Thanks for the book The Book, Finch! So far, there's only one character, but I hear it gets really good later.
  11. My old copy was the Funimation release from 5,000 years ago in the 90's where everything was censored and it was only through where they defeated Pilaf. There is some charm when Bulma's yelling that she has ants (instead of yelling about loosing her pantsu)
  12. No problem! Such a good show.
  14. Calm down over there!
  15. The arms of her jumpsuit poof out, she doesn't have popeye arms. Now i wonder if everyone thinks i drew her deformed... Eiko's clothes are really weird.
  16. It's her dress!
  17. I love it. Especially Eiko's chubby little arms.
  18. You don't like it, waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....
  19. Perhaps you will appreciate this:

  20. Yeah, they're not all winners, but they were all trying really hard. No one tries anymore. A lot of those 2000-era games would take these huge, down-on-one-knee homerun swings, miss completely, but look up at the sky anyway. They'd just stand there looking, looking for hours expecting to see the ball sail with big, stupid, guileless grins on their round, stupid faces. Brave Fencer Musashi smiled and FFIX smiled and Threads of Fate smiled and Ogre Battle 64 smiled and they were so wonderful and stupid.
  21. SaGa Frontier 2, Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Threads of Fate, Final Fantasy IX, and Parasite Eve 2. Even if you don't like all of those games (i don't!), there's such variety, even in the jrpg's! The Dreamcast was still alive for the foreseeable future, GameFan was still on the shelves (for one more month...). The future was bright. The future was wonderful. At least it should've been.
  22. I don't know what most of that means!
  23. Would you like to come to Providence and watch Moneyball with me. Nice Slice is on me!
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