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  1. [img][/img]
  2. DUNLAP.
  5. Birthday birthday

    happy happy

    birthday birthday birthday

    happy happy happy!

    Happy birthday Dunlap!
  6. That is perhaps the pinnacle of 80's japanese cartoon openings. It is at the very least what they all should aspire to be.
  7. Sorry! Sorry! I have been super busy. I got the picture and have it on my desk to keep me cheery during the long hours at work. Thanks, buddy!
  8. Dunlap, Dunlap, did you get it?
  9. Dunlap, i will mail your picture either tomorrow or Saturday! Thank you again for buying it!
  10. She should be on the Galaxy Bicycle 999.
  11. I will play it soon.

  12. I've been playing Abobo-chan's Wonderland, it's a pretty good flash game!
  13. No, it's Rokko-chan! It's a fan game... But it would be cool if someone made a sprite-based MML game...
  14. MML3?
  15. You're a swell dude, finch-bro.
  16. Only for some people who ask nicely
  17. gol durn that drawing is so kawaii uguuuu!
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