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  1. In ref to Riverboat Gamblers, some stuff you're in store for:

  2. Pretty good... How are you?! I was thinking about getting in touch with you yesterday. I've got some music to give you (imagine that). I'll pm you links to the albums. I think you'll love this. Is business good? I'd recommend this band for your place but they're on a pretty big tour right now in support of their newest album. It's a local (Austin) punk band; they're getting some pretty big attention right now though I think...

    Anyways, nice to hear from you. Hit me up on im if you want. Check your pm's in a bit for the albums.
  3. How's it goin man??
  4. hey man I'll be getting on soon. I just moved my sis downtown, dealt with apartment problems, then car vandalism and theft. Soon my good man!
  5. Was that a "no"?
  6. Get on AIM biatch.
  7. so yeah sorry i was so late getting back on last night. It was one crazy evening. I'm going to stay on pretty consistently cuz I need to work on some music to keep my brain functioning and I need your help with that project.
  8. Will do mon frere.
  9. get on aim sometime man
  10. Awwww.... finish that song and it'll be like consummating this thing...

    Just kidding. I know you've been busy. Funny thing - Tristen's bandmate Grady was over recording last week and went through my recordings and told Tristen he wanted to cover that song. He hasn't, but that'd be kind of cool.
  11. have i told you lately that i love you?
  12. I got this from

    Matt Singer is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter who has spent the better part of the past few years playing some of New York’s finer small music venues. He has delighted audiences in rooms such as Rockwood Music Hall, The Living Room, Pianos, The Bitter End, and the Sidewalk Café, and recently played before a sold out crowd at Joe’s Pub when he opened for The Undisputed Heavyweights. Having seen him perform twice I can safely say his live shows thrive in such intimate settings, as they revel in audience participation, whether he makes them laugh out loud to his often quirky lyrics, whistle along with the tune as he sings over them, or clap along to provide a little rhythm.

    His 2006 album, All Us Heathens, is full of folk/rap songs that are at once socially conscious, heartfelt, and hilarious. His lyrics, while always whip-smart and aberrant, stay well above the parody line because of their base in reality - more informed wise-guy than naive wise-ass. Every off-color story he tells, or trendy pop-culture reference he makes, finds a way to convey a real human truth, similar to the way Eef Barzalay (of Clem Snide) does in his “Ballad of Bitter Honey” from his 2006 solo album Bitter Honey. In addition to the new album, a few of Singer’s recent songs have found their way onto pretty prominent NY-based compilations. “Stacy J” (streaming at his myspace, and laugh-out-loud funny. Seriously, you have to hear it!) and “VHS” were both recently featured on Cross-Pollination: The Mixtape Vol.1 and the AntiComp Folkilation, respectively.

    According to his bio:

    Twenty-two years ago, Matt Singer’s kindergarten teacher recommended that he be seen by a child psychologist for a formal evaluation. The doctor said this:

    “Although he exhibits skills in many areas, he seems unable to deal with frustration. When presented with something unfamiliar, his typical response is ‘I can’t’, rather than ‘I’ll try’. He was referred for testing to determine whether he is unable or simply unwilling to try new things.”
    People who you should probably talk with in conjunction with Matt Singer are Vincent Cachionne (Soft Black), Dan Costello and Eric Wolfson. They're all Brooklyn artists and know each other and back each other up live occasionally plus appear on each others' albums. And if they can't do it themselves I'm quite confident that they are deeply connected and can point you in some great directions.

    If you're interested in full albums by these guys (short of buying them from cdbaby), I can send the ones I have to you. Plus, I am currently waiting on UPS for several cds by people/bands from the same scene that I already know are fan-fucking-tastic albums, so I'll throw you a bone there too. Most notably I'm thinking of a guy named Ivan Sandomire and a band named The Telethons. Oh, and Mike "The Lone Wolf" Baglivi, no longer alone since this past weekend his new band (Mike Baglivi and The Open End) played the Summer Festival at Sidewalk Cafe. That guy kicks so much ass I can't even tell you. (New Jersey) (New Jersey) (Brooklyn)

    All these bands and guys know each other and play at Sidewalk Cafe regularly.
  13. I know I suck at making notes and shit I'm supposed to do, but can you throw me some info on Matt Singer - - I'm putting together a portfolio of potential musicians for the venue. I remember you said if I can get one they might all make the trip... Thanks man.
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