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  1. I like them, too - thanks for uploading it
  2. Hey, I'm gonna up this Hold Steady album (it doesn't actually come out til Tuesday). I think you'll like it. It compares favorably to that Gaslight Anthem album.
  3. Happy to oblige.
  4. thanks for the gaslight's AWESOME
  5. New Gaslight Anthem is up in the mythical place.
  6. I'll try to put it in the music thread later. Don't get the wrong idea, but they did this whole Bruce Springsteen thing and it's awesome.

    You have S&B access, I'm guessing.
  7. Not yet... I don't think I have.
  8. Hey, have you heard Gaslight Anthem's new album (The '59 Sound)? If not, I can upload it later to the usual place. It's really good stuff.
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