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  1. Happy Birthday Cappucino
  2. Happy Bday dude!!!
  3. Thank you sir!
  4. Happy Birthday ElCappucino!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Cap! May your battles today all be wins and may your team of choice beat the other team soundly! And please, do not get the plague.
  6. Lol ok now I get it. I repped you yesterday while drunk which is why I was confused. Good man.
  7. Pissing girls. I like to pay attention to small details like some who seem unable to squirt like a fire hose.
  8. Wait wat? I'm so confused.
  9. I enjoy paying attention to the small details.
  10. Ha! It's cool, about being the whole dick thing. I don't think many people realized I started all that shit to get just the response. Only a few have figured that out. I think it is all funny as hell.
  11. Wait you're not my friend yet? WTF?!?!?! INVITE PENDING!
  12. Just so you know I <3 you and am being a dick, but GOD I'm having fun doing that
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