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  1. Happy birthday DirtySouth!
  2. Ha ha ha, i love the pony avatar!
  3. D'Oh, I missed this. Yeah, it's all good. Came pretty close to here, though. Could see it off in the distance. Was pretty scared for a moment. We only lost internet here, but surrounding communities look right out of Fallout. Thanks for asking.
  4. You okay DirtySouth? You logged in today so it looks like you're okay!
  5. Oh wow, you MUST'VE been here before as you've said all the magic words. Unfortunately, the Diamond Jim's that was near my home (and just about all arcades in general no longer exist) It was located in Eastwood Mall in far-east Birmingham, but now there's a Super Wal-Mart in its place. (read about it here: I really do miss that place. I haven't been in Wetumpka in forever, though.
  6. Hi, DirtySouth. Let's go play some PlayChoice10 at Diamond Jims and then we can go to Stuckey's and visit that water wheel on I-85 that says, "Go to church or the devil's going to get you." Maybe we can stop in Wetumpka and do whatever they do in Wetumpka.
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