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  1. Happy Birthday you sexy beast!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Chef!!!
  3. Happy Birthday lover!!! :O
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOMIE!!! May it be full of booty, bacon, boobies, and bacon on booties and boobies!!!
  5. Hippo Birdy dude!
  6. I was going to photoshop (read: MSPaint) our faces over Arnold and Danny on the cover of the poster for the movie Twins, but then I just decided to say happy birthday. So there, I said it. Happy Birthday KNEEGAAAAAAR!
  7. Dang it! Well it should be there soon anyhow...
  8. Nothing yet good sir, maybe tomorrow?
  9. Did you get your mail yet duder? CHECK THAT SHIT.
  10. Happy Birthday hombre!
  11. Awesome, I'm freakin excited dude!
  12. Well, I worked at GS when the GBA NES games dropped, and the press kit had these scratch n sniff stickers. I still have like 8 sheets.
  13. LOL!!!! Only if you're willing to part with them, that sounds funny as hell
  14. its all good, yo. DO you want some NES scratch n sniff stickers along with the movies?
  15. Hey man, sorry it took so long, but as of an hour ago your game (and movies) are in the mail, hopefully you get them by Saturday
  16. That works. Whenever you get a chance.
  17. Word, that sounds good to me. If I don't work tomorrow (on call so I dunno) then I'll mail it out then. I'll let you know.
  18. Hmm, well I do like the Raiden, and possibly last remnant, but that seems a bit lopsided in my favor. If you wanna do the DVDs for Raiden, I'm down for that. Let me know whats up
  19. Sorry PMs are full and I'm lazy lol. Yeah the ones I'd get rid of are Fight Night rd 3, Mass Effect, Last Remnant, Overlord, and Raiden (yes it plays on US system). Let me know if you'd be interested in anything and we can work something out and get this deal done.
  20. LOL Ok, Just making sure I'm not worrying over nothing.
  21. Yo no I didn't get the chance to send it out yet cuz that twenty I had I ended up buying some drinks for a girl and immediately regreted it lol, but I hope to send it soon. I will definetly let you know when it goes out.
  22. Just wondering if you sent the envelope out, because I still haven't gotten anything. I'm not too worried, I just wanna make sure its not lost in transit or anything.
  23. Lol that works, I'll send it out tomorrow as I have already begun today's festivities. I can't wait to see fat chicks lol
  24. Whatever works for you my friend, if you want to conceal it with some polaroids of you in tightie whiteys riding a horsehead on a stick, with you making love to the camera with your eyes, then hey, all the better.

    If you want to put it between a piece of paper with "FUCK YOU" in big letters written with a magnum sharpie, thats ok too.
  25. Well since I was considering if I should pay $20 to buy into a poker game tonight I guess you just made my choice very easy Are you ok with getting cash or do you want me to make a money order? I could "hide" the cash so no one would know it was in the envelope. Let me know, I've got the day off tomorrow and can make it happen.
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