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  1. it's the entire saga, i think it's finally over
  2. whoa that is a cool cake!
  3. Dear Finch,

    Please come to the castle. I have baked a cake for you.

    Yours truly,


  4. Yeah we did. The high hasn't worn off yet.

    He likes Mzo better, though.
  5. Mzo said you got to hang out with Tim Rogers and i'm jealous
  6. Nah, Anji and Sol.
  7. did you play Robo Kai in Guilty Gear
  8. Aw, man, that would have been much better
  9. i was going to post rep but i can't and it was going to say

    "Thomas Kinkade imo"
  10. I did, thank you, Finch! My treat of choice on birth or reg'lar days is key lime pie. I ate a lot of it.
  11. Happy late birthday! i hope you had a fun birthday and you got to eat cake or tacos or whatever you like for you birthday

  12. I like the images on their own. The commercial is paced too quickly!
  13. Haha! Is that from an official ad? They've had some wonderful ones for DQX.

  14. Not yet. My PS3's hard drive blew up. I have a new one now, though. Soon. Tomorrow. I hope.
  15. did you play drakengard 3 yet?
  16. I do, but I only use it to subscribe to other peoples' feeds.

    I don't think you should go. Why would you do that? Is it because no one talks about Japan anymore? I don't have a Vita, but I could buy that Dankey Roker game...
  17. Arobimi are you on the twitter? i'm not hanging around here much anymore...
  18. yeah I don't even know right now
  19. ,__,

  20. i guess MilkCan is real...

    i know i've heard this before, i just forgot.
  21. they're real... milk can is real...

  22. mah-san...
  23. i hear the "UAAAAAAHHHH" noise every time
  24. That's still the most tactilely satisfying one in all Tengokudom! that squishy ghost noise...
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