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  1. Have you seen Atonement, finch? If you loved Doubt until precisely the last two sentences, you'll probably love this, too.
  2. hi, finch! You missed a lot of dumb threads like the ones you were banned for creating while you were gone. Except I'm pretty sure these ones were not jokes.
  3. Hi Arobimi! I'm unbanned again!
  4. (500) Days of Summer is precious, but it's also heavy. I feel it's really Eternal Sunshine: What Really Happens
  5. I liked it quite a bit, yes! And The Squid and the Whale has been recommended to me by every art school student, internet algorithm and Net Flick I have ever met. The cover and title are too Look How Precious I Am for me to have pulled the trigger yet. (500) Days of Summer seems a little Look How Precious I Am, too, but I'm going to try to get past all that and see it this weekend.
  6. Did you really like Rachel Getting Married? I thought it was awful and it makes me wonder if i'll like Margot at the Wedding, which all the critics thought was not very good! They also liked Squid and the Whale, which i thought was awful!
  7. What does he think of Zooey Deschanel? If he says anything except a jumble of lustful nonwords, you must know that he might just have a horrible disease.
  8. Finch, my friend said he's sick of P.S.H. Can you explain this?
  9. YES! AND YES!
  10. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is my favorite actor after Bill Murray.
    Figured out where i downloaded the Yotsuba& inspired music:
  11. Do you like P.S.H.? I think he's tops, just tops!

    I haven't used AIM since I got older and decided not to have fun anymore, I'm afraid.

    Perhaps we can trade kuricorders should you suggest an avenue through which we might do that?
  12. Ha ha ha ha, Arobumi,

    Favorite Movie or Anime
    Phillip Seymour Hoffman: The Movie
    I was looking to see if you had listed info on the AIM talking box that kids are into these days.
  13. Hey! i found a Yotsuba& inspired soundtrack by kuricorder! I really don't remember downloading this
  14. i completely forgot kuricorder had ukuleles. i think it's high time to remember.
  15. Hey, mind if I come in? Hey. Hey there, big guy. How's that little guitar going? Sorry, yookuhlaylee. Good? That's good.

    Listen, your mother and I have noticed that you seem a little upset lately. Is everything going okay? You wanna talk about it?
  16. He is a master of humar acting for sure.
  17. i like bill murray
  18. I am sorry for your loss.
  19. I thought you were his keeper -- you tell me!
  20. Where is compassss
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