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  1. If I recall, you were one of those who enjoyed Demon's Souls much more than I and actually did well in it where I failed. If this is the case, I simply cannot see you doing anything but having a blast with Dark Souls, minus the inherent frustrations that come with a game of it's ilk. I've gone back to Demon's since, and managed to get farther than I ever did before, partially in thanks to the things I learned in this game, which I think is a testament to how well done it is. I'm nearly done with my second playthrough, I could literally go have it done in 30 minutes but there's some stuff I want to do before I reset the world again. And then there's the other character I started. It honestly will take my GoTY easily, and I've played and enjoyed some seriously good games this year. With my 2 characters, I've got ~135 hours in, since what, Sept 22nd? With other games like Gears, Skyrim, Batman, BF3, SSF4, Blaz and Mahvel taking up serious time as well, I'd say that's a feat in and of itself. But I could really talk about it for way too long, so I'll just say GOOD CHOICE SIR! Enjoy the game and if you ever have any questions or get stuck or want to know anything about anything, don't hesitate to ask, I obviously enjoy talking about the game
  2. I got Dark Souls. I'm holding you personally to blame if I don't like it!
  3. No worries at all, I've had plenty of Dark Souls to tide me over, I'm just glad I can play a new fighting game with some peoples!
  4. Any time. Sorry 'bout the wait.
  5. Hey man, got the game yesterday, thanks so much!!!
  6. Dang, that guy sounds like a real jackhole what with the message hoarding and unruly penile upkeep! Try sending him your hatemail again, I busted into his account and erased all his playful banter with the sodomites of TNL.
  7. That and his botched circumcision. His penis always wears an inquisitive tilt because of it.
  8. The thing I hate most about Pineapple is that Pineapple has exceeded his stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until he clears some space.
  9. Yessums! I can give you a MO or whatnot (no Paypal), just PM me your info and how much you're wanting for it. Was playing Calamity Trigger last night and realized it's more my speed, but there is NO ONE playing that online anymore lol
  10. Yeah, dog. You vant?
  11. Do you still have BB: CS? I would be interested in purchasing it from you if so.
  12. Oh, hay, thanks!
  13. Happy Birthday Heir Man! I hope it's fantastic and the best one yet
  14. lol prostate pills. They make your prostate huge!
  15. Thanks, man!

    Fuck, I'm fuckin' old as fuck. I'm taking prostate pills x________x;;;;; ayayayyayay mai purosteeei eiii eiiiiiiiiiit
  16. Happy Birthday buuuuuuuuuddy!
  17. lol So you just quoted me but had nothing to say in the PM? I knew it was too late to send a message!
  18. You're right, I did buy Demons Souls myself but 'Splosion Man is the only other thing that got bought. I'll fix it now.
  19. Update your Christmas list, queef! Don't you have Demon's Souls and a bunch of that XBLA shit?
  20. Trust me when you put it up I really wanted to, but I traded in a bag of stuff to get it cuz I had no monies. Sorry yo!
  21. Alright cool
  22. all of the stuff I have on Trade Depot with more to come, namely some NES stuff.
  23. What are you lookin to get rid of there fella?
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