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  1. Yes, it's why I set up a myspace for the store. We like friends.
  2. Thanks for that myspace link. I asked to be the stores friend. Is that normal?
  3. Good lord ... I'm in geek heaven.
  4. We have a myspace page
    We do have stores in Tom's River and Mercer though, you might want to check them out.
  5. LOL. I never knew you ran a comic store. That's so f'ing cool. You have a website? My local comic store doesn't have half the stuff it needs. I might have to order online to pick up the comics I need.
  6. Ah that would make to much sense, wouldn't it. I need to get more sleep, to think better in the future.
  7. If you click the View Conversation link. You can message me on my profile. You don't have to respond to yourself. Also: check your thread about TPB's some good ones you left out.
  8. hi
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