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  1. Haha. I was actually discussing pre-ordering Fable 2: Collector's Edition, just yesterday. Did you have a premonition? I usually do sequester myself once I get a game that I like. Either that, or I constantly think about it until I can get back to playing it. Happened when I was playing Oblivion, Phantom Hourglass and Bioshock.
  2. Well, I didnt see nearly enough of the area as I had to do the family thing, but definitely Mt. Rainier. I hear the Cascades and Hoe Ntl Park are beautiful too, so Ill have to check them out next time. Didnt see any of the city, space needle, or Kurt Kobains home though :/
    If you dont lock yourself indoors for a week or two when Fable 2 comes out, then you arent nerdy enough, Elaine. I dont care how much DS Lite or Soul Calibur you play
    Cool, about the band. Ill check them out when I get home from work tonight...
  3. Hmm...I do have like ONE friend in Seattle, who may or may not be able to let me stay with him. Not sure how the girlfriend would like that. But, maybe I should roadtrip up there with some people and share a hotel room to save on costs. What/where do you recommend to sightsee if I get a chance to get out there?

    Haha, no way! I play my DS Lite non-stop, read all of the time (Graphic novels included), but I'm thinking that I do need to brush up more on the group nerdiness: Invite people over to play Mario Party, Soul Calibur, etc. but everyone's always so busy.

    Yep, the same band. I've been hanging out with them for a while and I think that they need a little Elaine boost, so I'm going to writing a formal PR proposal to management. We've already discussed it, but I just have to map out the preliminaries. Exciting news though: Currently, we're in the process of trying to get votes to become the opening band for the ROCK AGAINST DIABETES 2008 show in Las Vegas. If you get a chance, check them out: Let me know what you think.
  4. Yeah,anything over 12 hours is too much on a train (unfortunately I came to this conclusion at the 13 hour mark :/), met a few cool people on the ride though, a friend I made on the way back had a cooler full of beer, so that made most of the ride home a little more tolerable .But,yeah went there to see family I havent seen in... 15 years? been awhile. Seattle is beautiful, you should go if you get the chance - everything is green and alive there compared to southern california.
    tired of going out? I'm feeling guilty because I dont go out nearly enough, especially to shows - maybe you need a little more geekiness in your life - for every cool show you go to, kick back and play some xbox/read a book so the cool show stuff doesnt get old too quick, is this the same band you were talking about around the time of the TNL LA meet-up?
  5. 38 hours on a train!? Wow, I like riding the train but I've never been on one for longer than 4 hours (CT to NJ, with stop through Penn Station). Don't let that phase you on train rides though, the experience also matters if you have company as well . I've never been to Seattle, but I'm thinking that I should check it out sometime. Heard that it's pretty. Was your trip to Seattle for business, pleasure, both?

    City life is treating me well. I've been going to a lot of shows, spending a major amount of time in L.A. (I'm actually getting tired of going out...which is almost blasphemy) and might start doing public relations for my friends who are in a band.
  6. Pretty good pretty good, thanks for askin - Just got back from a trip to Seattle (38 hour train ride :/) - never rode a train so wanted to try it out, but god after that first 12 hours I wanted to run the fuck off that thing -what have you been up to? How is city life treatin ya?
  7. Hey, you! How have you been?
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