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  1. Ah HA! I see.
    It's of Ziltoid, the Omniscient.
    Check it out, the quote under my avatar is the first line of the the second song on that site, but the music is phenomenal and funny and changes pace many times so it's pretty cool. The guy in my sig is the one who created him and plays all the music.
  2. The boards.
  3. In my profile or on the boards?
  4. Been meaning to ask...what is your avatar of?
  5. Much better,me likey.
  6. I got tired of having my subconscious pinging Advocate. Plus, I can show some love to my favourite female comic book character.
  7. You know me, I have a thing for strange and perverted Asian men
  8. Y'know, it's true about the avatar. Even my eye thinks of Advocate when I'm scrolling through threads...and it is disturbing. I think I may take it down after the movie rolls out.

    On a more interesting note, I didn't know that you have feelings for Advocate.
  9. Oh, and please, for the love of god change your av, it makes me think of Advocate every time I see it, and I DO NOT want to correlate those feelings with the ones I have for you
  10. *laughs* That was awesome.
  11. Sapphire Ruby Emerald Diamond Pearl!!!!

  13. If you could fit in my pocket, I'd bring you everywhere!!!
  14. Aww and you're not taking me with you?!?!??!??!????!??!

  15. Zigga zow! Going to see Wall-e at midnight .
  16. All I wanna do is wanna zoom zoom zoom and wanna boom boom, JYST SHAKE YA RUMP!
  17. 'Sup, Pineshizzle?
  18. Good evening love, hows tricks?
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