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  1. Hm.. MGKelly is pretty dope, havent listened to much of his stuff though.

    I'm likin this song, classic feel
  2. Haha I wish, nah all those are of Tyler, The Creator of Odd Future... It's just my weird thing to post random gifs after my comments.
  3. Do you spit flows? Are some of those gifs you?
  4. He has a few songs I like, nothing special though.
  5. You like Mac Miller?
  6. one of ashers finest
  7. Eh, not a huge fan of Tpain or 50... especially any songs with autotune.
  8. Thanks the track was tight.

  9. Pretty dope song

  10. All black everything was probably my favorite.

  11. "Letting go" was my favorite track off of Lasers.
  12. His latest album was looked down on mostly because he strayed away from the sound of his older albums, which was more oldschool with great lyrics, while his newer album, lasers, is pop-sounding with great lyrics. Wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but I did like it over some of the other top40 crap...
  13. Yeah I think so. I loved Lupe's last Album even though he didn't like it or something.
  14. A lotta things are good, such as my musical interests. Seems you maybe share those?
  15. What's good SlappyBag? I'm from MN too.
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