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  1. you are my friend even if you hate me
  2. And one of my Vita nerds that I've mentioned just came in and bought it. So now I can't even look at it with envy!
    Hopefully my garbage distributor has more so I can reorder it. But usually they get a very small amount of these games...
  3. I got it in for the store, but haven't purchased it for myself...I'M FRICKIN' BROKE MAN! SO OF COURSE VITA'S GOT ALL THESE GAMES THAT I WANT. WHERE WERE THEY WHEN I WAS FLUSH?!
    Even if I did buy, who knows when I'd play it. I'm only about 1/4 of the way through Sword Art Online, but have had to put it down since school started a few weeks ago.
    May 16th can't get here quick enough.
  4. Did you get Criminal Girls on Vita? It's a better game than i expected, despite really seeming like a budget release.
  5. I'd rather buy it from you for the price than from someone else!

    I won't bug you if you really don't want to sell it to me though.
  6. I have one that I'd feel bad for selling to you for what it sells for but wouldn't want to sell it for less either.
    So, no.
  7. Do you have any copies of Rule of Rose?
  8. I was lurking there a bit for SAO, but that place annoyed me more than TNL. I'll take jaded hate over incessant whiny-ness any day. I tried Vic's place, but it's too meh. Waiting to get the "ok" to post on RPGFan.
    It sucks. If 4 people would calm their gimmick down, I could be happy here again.
  9. i'm posting on neogaf more but it's the same, just more people
  10. you left before I did!
    Without Finch, it was all "this sucks," "your mom," and hate hate hate! I couldn't take it anymore!
    I want to find a place where it's okay to like things and other people are ok with it even if they don't like them.
    Haven't found it yet though...
  11. did you come back yet
  12. Might come in handy someday...
  13. Is that Phoenix?!
    No. But kinda sorta looks like him!
  14. ....sadly not yet.
    But I will!
    Nice shoes.
  15. did you get Akiba?

  16. Fury Fox sent me a nice message detailing what might work better to get more people involved, so the contest might make a comeback.
    I would say backburner it for now.
  17. Thanks! Do you want me to try to make something with it? You wouldn't have to pay unless you used it and my feelings won't be hurt if you don't
  18. I wish featherweight would notify me of things aside from PMs.
    I like it!

  19. Was this entire page always in Comic Sans? Were Chrome and Safari just changing it?
  20. Yeah, i'm pretty slow at getting anything done unless there's a fire under my ass, and even then it's usually dangerously close to the deadline... I still wanted to try!
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