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  1. If you can dig a Wii U out of a dumpster you should get Tokyo Mirage Sessions because it's a good game that will be overlooked
  2. Yeah, I haven't noticed any issues so far. Consistent frame rate throughout, and I've played each stage now. Lovely lighting effects in parts.

    I guess the PS4 performance is just as bad as what you're describing. Hopefully it's something that can be fixed with a patch! Unreal 3 is pretty outdated tech at this point, so it's bizarre to hear about the Wii U struggling with it.
  3. It's running well on Steam? It's running like runkadunk on Wii U! Now I really just wish they picked a platform (probably Steam/PS4) and went with it instead of porting it to a million things where it was guaranteed to have problems
  4. Also, if I were Inafune, I would have made the title screen a high res picture of my asshole. It was going to get spiteful low scores no matter what.
  5. The official Mighty No. 9 thread is a complete shitshow, with TNL predictably drinking the internet hate Kool-Aid. I've seen Jim Sterling and Game Informer both knock the game for being "a Mega Man clone." Everybody on Steam seems to think you can make a AAA title for under 4 million dollars. Still, I've never stopped looking forward to it.

    SO, I'd like to hear what an actual Mega Man fan thinks of it. I've been playing for the last hour and I've really been enjoying myself. It's pretty hard!
  6. I like those games quite a lot, flimsy plot in the first game included. It was by the numbers, but the nods to the SNES game were appreciated. Dragonfall is probably the best of the lot!

    It's always nice to play an RPG that remembers what "RP" stands for. The writing is excellent, too.
  7. I was playing Shadowrun Returns and wow is it good. Unfortunately I started the Dragonfall campaign, not realizing that it was released again later with lots of new stuff. It's okay because I'll only be happy to start it over again after I'm done with the original story.
  8. Yeah! It's definitely on the same level as IX and XII. If they'd reduced the number of times you have to repeat the crystal dungeons by one or two I think it'd be damn near perfect. End Layer is calling my name, but I want to beat Trails of Cold Steel and the newest Digimon (did you ever pick this up?) before jumping into another role playing game.
  9. Since 12 at least. It belongs in the world where IX isn't out yet but VII and VIII never happened.
  10. I was really surprised when you told me you hadn't played it yet. I may have Mrgrgr'd, in fact. It's the best Final Fantasy in forever though, right?

    Also oh my god, happy super-belated birthday!
  11. Bravely Default is the best ever
  12. the Paul Blart anime is the best
  13. Finchu, please tell me you have watched Shirokuma Cafe.
  14. Also I am utterly stuck at sans. I've come close to beating him twice now, but yeah...hard.
  15. I just started Dragon Quest V (the DS version), which aside from X is the only one I've never played.

    I get more and more into this series the older I get.
  16. lots of spoilers if you ever want to go back but

  17. O__O
  18. There sure are a lot of really good Undertale remixes and covers on YouTube, aren't there?

    I gave up on the genocide run. I can't go through with it.
  19. i hate this but it's amazing. i don't know if it's in the game or not

  20. best
  21. It's an awful mess of a game that i like anyway. Clearly a lot of thought was put into it but it seems like it was by several dozen people who never communicated and they were all just "here's what i have" and then Tabata was like "Okay, you know what we can make this work."

    i think this is what actually happened. Even the music is a bunch of REALLY COOL riffs with some meandering noise and sometimes it's seriously awful atonal stuff that i can't believe was made by anyone who knows anything about composing music.

    Type-0 is fascinatingly bad in a way that few games are. The more i think about it the more i want to play it again to study how it became so bad. Every Final Fantasy turns into a weird mess at some point (III, IV, and IX do so the least that i think about it) but Type-0 takes the crown from FFXIII and FFVIII and puts it on its ass.
  22. Final Fantasy Type-0 sure is a weird game. It's got a single-minded dedication towards never explaining a goddamn thing about any of its systems, or even what the plot really is. There's a million characters to keep track of and they get brutally shallow development so far. Everything is pretty from a distance and a disaster up close. The dub is atrocious. The Persona-esque structure is far better suited to a handheld.

    I'm liking it despite all that. The combat in particular is really fun. The concept is interesting.

    It's got the stink of good bad game all over it, some five hours in.
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