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  1. Hey! I got it! Thank you!
  2. It's okay! I do that all the time.
    Thank you for sending it to me!
  3. Sorry it took so long, but my wife packaged it and forgot about it until I found it! Mailed it out yesterday so you should have it by Monday.
  4. Whoop! Thank you!
  5. I will send it out next week.
  6. okay i did it
  7. add me to your 3ds frands so we can be real frands

    here's my code: 0259 0305 2221
  8. Hoot hoot
  9. Thank you sir! You are a true owl among the flock of ducks.
  10. Happy birthday kinofu!
  11. I know rite?
  12. YORE a LIAR
  13. I like those!
  14. ha ha, i'm just being a hypocritical dick.
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