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  1. Pinch why don't you want to join my Discord?

    Myun Myun Myun
  2. myun myun myun myun myun myun myun myun myun myuuuuuunnn

  3. I hope you had a
    happy birthday
  4. I never saw these comics before
  5. that was fantastic

  6. Happy birthday!
  7. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story!
  8. i like this patlabor
  9. i went and it was so amazing
    Click for full size
  10. Alright, you convinced me
  11. treat yourself to a birthday rock show!
  12. Tsu Shi Ma Ma Re is going to be in Denver this weekend and i don't really have the time to go but maybe i will anyway

  13. i didn't know the name-entering music in Dragon Quest II was actually a pop song...
  14. What are you studying in school? Are you gonna be a teacher?
  15. i'm doing okay. i'm very tired though because of school and work.
  16. I am well, thank you, and you?
  17. dunlap how are you
  18. these pizza is dancin
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