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  1. Thank you!
  2. Happy Birthday to YOU Mr. Finch!!!
  3. Thank you Pineapple!
  4. Happy Bday Mr. Fanch!!!
  5. <3
  6. Thank you pineapple!
  7. Happy Birthday Finch!!!
  8. That is all sorts of classy, I like it!
  9. lol Finch <3 <3
  10. Happy birthday again pineapple! another year another day that's your birthday! That's what it is!
  12. Who wears that kind of headgear when sunbathing?!?!?

  13. Happy Burfday Fincheru!!!
  14. Wow, the speed that he's moving his hands in the two different patterns is incredible! Impressive!
  15. HA! No I hadn't seen that but I think I'll check it out, and I love the seizure inducing logo!!!!!!

  16. do you follow misterhayden on tumblr? That guy is pretty great
  17. Glad you got it! I'm pretty sure he got them while I was in HS and was getting into DBZ on American TV, so I don't think they could be original run, but I dunno for sure! But yeah I always loved his style, it's so punctuated and versatile. I only wish I knew the language so I could have really read the books, but looking through them was always fun and usually inspiring
  18. HEY! I got those Dragon Ball books! Thank you! That's really cool! Was your dad getting them for you at release? I loooove Akira Toriyama's early DB illustration work the best. Later he was better at drawing and his storytelling was better, but the early stuff was so imaginative. I wonder how different it would have been if the fights hadn't been so popular and it was just adventures.
  19. That's it!
  20. Above and beyond, Mr. Finch! Thank you sir! Now that address I got off Etsy to mail out your check, does that go straight to your place? I have something I think you will enjoy very much.

  21. i have the Viz release, DB in regular format, DBZ in big format. I think the early volumes of DB are uncensored but the late volumes are censored.
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