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  1. a good song

    All of Daddy Long Legs on youtube. Subbed and in good quality.

  3. Get funky
    Keep the beat
    Drive the bus
    Yo, hustle, hustle
  4. I got to the point in Stella Glow where a guy said "I ought to be thanking you" in a sinister voice and i knew it was the end of the game so i closed the 3DS and never came back because i knew it was the end and i didn't want to be sad saying goodbye to the characters.

    Just kidding, i knew something was going to happen but i didn't know how it was going to happen. I was pretty surprised. i didn't raise his heart meter ))):
  5. Indivisible hit $900k today so they were able to request a 20 day extension...

    they might do this an i'm way more interested now than i was last time we talked about it
  6. Legend of Legacy is SaGa + Etrian as much as it's anything. It has me in its claws
  7. if here wasn't the only place i could find you i'd go away forever
  8. I'm more impressed with Disgaea 5 as it goes. I don't remember enjoying the 1st one as much as I enjoy this one.

  9. Eat sardines to power up, dawg.
  10. I got a review code and i remember we used to talk about the 1st game.

    It's still way too complicated, the tutorials are terrible, there's way too much on the screen at once (I keep squinting, possibly just because i'm old), but it's fun. I like all the silly characters. I never really played much of any of the other games, but this seems like they at least tried to make it more accessible.
  11. Oh, did you see my post about Disgaea 5 in the what are you playing thread? Last Disgaea I played was 2, and I wasn't digging it as much as the original so I stopped, and haven't played one since. But this one has really caught my attention. I've unlocked all of the classes in the demo (which transfers) except sage.

    And, of course, you're my female thief. Although I went with Finchiekins this time instead of Finnius.
  12. The new Disgaea is pretty good... It's been forever since i actually played one of these games.
  13. Nobunyaga is wise
  14. " A man's (cat's) life of 50 (20) years under the sky
    is nothing compared to
    the age of this world.
    Life is but a fleeting dream, an illusion --
    Is there anything that lasts forever? "

  15. R. Mika reminded me of that Wanna-bes anime I always looked at in Hollywood Video but never rented.

    Dirty Pair style NSFW. Yup, this was made in the eighties!
  16. That Comiket 88 game looks like a more substantial Canon Spike.

    i have Ruin Explorers on dvd only it was sealed (i just opened it) and i don't know when i bought it.... i think i bought it during a Right Stuf sale long long ago. I remember liking it in high school though. Long long ago...
  17. Comiket 88 game trailers are out. Saw one I really liked.

  18. I love this song. Don't know why the vid says remix, though. Pretty sure it's the original, despite the remix sounding bits.

  19. Oh wow. Look at this wacky shit.

    Tunes are good.


    (first vid is Tsurikichi Sanpei, second is Grander Musashi)
  21. whoa, i never even heard of Sansara Naga. I love that commercial.
  22. Oh, there's a granny rabbit, too. Guri.
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