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  1. That's a scary thought if true.
  2. I am here to teach and serve.
  3. Proof that you should think before you act:
    Since I shit up the 365 thread, I cannot shit up kevincal's crappy sale thread without risking another card.
    Thank you Nick.
    You've taught me patience. I assume I do the same for some of the mods on a daily basis.
    xxx ooo
  4. Six more hours. You'll probably blow your wad real quick when you finally do get back on, but we'll understand.
  5. Just because Josh is sick all the time doesn't mean it's a requirement. Stay fucking well.
  6. They'll be back. You get tired of Filet Mignon every day. Sometimes you just want a Steak Um.
  7. It's 2:00. Do you know where your harem is? I think I saw some of them bouncing on a trampoline at Biff's house. In slow motion. And I gave them the address. And the tighty whities. To spite you.
  8. Couldn't I be the only guy in your harem? I have a jewel in my bellybutton. And in my pants.
  9. I'm fine. Crazy busy, though. It'll just make the reunion sex with TNL all the better.
  10. Haven't seen you around too much lately, hope everything is fine. I MISS YOU!
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