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  1. Hey Nick, are we going to do the Holiday Wishlists this year? You know you wanna...
  2. I sent you a couple of emails but figured I'd let you know on here as well, because if you check your email as often as I do you'll have received something before you read the email
  3. Thanks Nick, as always you ARE the man.
  4. I already added your previous name. No need to ask.
  5. Nick you are a beast with the name changes, I really did laugh at Mbanned. Also I had no idea why I was friends with someone named !CARLY... You really confused the crap out of me lol
  6. I'd only accept if you helped me pitch it
  7. Wet titties improve any lunch!

    Also, if I could afford a tent right now, I'd buy you one. (Insert pants tent joke here.)
  8. Nick I love you. Heh, I actually told every bartender and stripper that I met to call me Pineapple, and they laughed and did
  9. Don't tell any New Yorkers your name is Pineapple. TNL insurance doesn't cover rape.
  10. Yeah, I was just in that mode where I was "Hey, I've been in a car for 14 hours today, I don't want to keep playing the last stage of this asshole game while the noobs are doing better than me" kinda rut. Today should be better
  11. We did it, like, thrice. Yeah, more polished this time. I'll send you a text later.
  12. Absolutely dude. As long as we don't have to do it fifty bazillion times. lol.
    Let me know when you'll be on, I don't have any plans today so I can do it whenever, I'm always down for some zombie killins.
  13. Woo! Glad I can help, and spend that 5 wisely, these times they are tough.
    I do know a place where you can get a 5 dollar foot long, though. If you'd like I'll pm you the details.
  14. You're good until the end of January 2010.
  15. Ahh ok, my bad. Thank you good sir.
  16. I was in Los Angeles for E3. I'll check the mailbox and let you know.
  17. Hey Nick, I was wondering if you got my MO. I sent yours and KoF's on the same day and he apparently got his on Thursday or so. I'm worried yours has not come yet. Let me know whats goin on.
  18. Hey Nick did the MO ever come through?
  19. Thanks buddy! And I understand if my time has run out, you can take that off whenever you want, I screwed up and apparently went $95 over my cell bill this month so I don't think I'll really be able to send you more monies until I get my taxes back. But I will let you know when I do and if I go too long without telling you it means I forgot and feel free to cock slap me in the face and tell me to get on it!
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