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  1. Who even wears flannel anymore? Besides people like you?

  2. Yeah he did not like it very much! I understand his gripes with it, but was never bothered by those things when playing myself. It's definitely more of a chill out game, I think his statement about it being an "underwater Minecraft" is pretty apt. But it is really beautiful which makes the swimming around and collecting/building interesting enough for me.
  3. Unfortunately, Cowutopia DESTROYED any interest I had in that game in chat.
  4. Yeah that was the part of what you said that really resonated with me, all that sounds awesome. Sounds like building the ultimate Knights of the Round build in FFVII (which I never had the patience to do), and I love seeing those damage numbers skyrocket so yeah, this sounds good to me.
  5. If you like micromanagement and trying to create the ultimate killing machines, it's great. It's all about physical skills after the first dungeon in this game. The magic is too costly and doesn't do as much damage. There are skills where you can hit an enemy 6-8 times. Then there's a skill that may make a skill you use fire again at no extra charge, so that's 12-16 hits in one turn per character. Then there's a skill that will allow a character to perform a free attack after another character performed their attack. Then there's a skill that will hit the enemy with an elemental attack after each attack. Then there's a skill that makes each successive one of those elemental attacks increase in damage. Then there's a skill that when an enemy hits one of your dudes, you automatically counter attack. Then there's a skill...and so on. Once you get your team decked out correctly, it takes one turn to activate all the buff skills and the next turn you unleash holy hell on the enemies.
  6. Cool, I've been wanting another game for that and I like the words you've said about it. I'm not much for the Persona stories so I'm glad that it doesn't matter in this one.
  7. 3DS.
  8. I would never wish you a Happy Birthday SS Jane!
  9. Thank you sir, I debated on whether or not Brianvgplayer asked you, then decided that based on the fact you left the codes there for whomever I could just go for it. Run on sentence but you know thats how I do!
  10. try it, hopefully no one else used it yet
  11. Happy Birthday PAAAAAUL.
  12. Well there was one for the regular 3DS, which I bought without a second thought because I assumed it was the right one, then I got it home and realized it was very much not the right one and put it towards Zelda. So yeah, still need to get the actual XL one.
  13. You didn't get one from The Hood?
    Racheal said she had a used one, and it disappeared on one of her days off and the timing was consistent with you asking about it.
  14. Heh I see that now, I figured you were like "This asshole again?!?" Balls, get the Yobo versions or something, pay $.50 for them and sell them for $5.99. I only have 1 game that would use it BUT STILL!!!
  15. I just noticed that instead of replying to you, I answered your question on my page. I'm an idiot. So please don't think I ignored your plea, I'm just dumb.
  16. PAAAAAAAAAUULLL! Do you guys sell the circle pad pro? Don't make me order this piece of shit.
  17. You may have, at one point you said "Thanks to Josh" and I just assumed you meant, you know, Josh. It was like one or two days after I sent it so I didn't think it would come that fast, but either way, Merry Xmas!!! And yeah, is One Piece any good? The only thing I know about it is that a bunch of tiny kids always wanted the games when I worked there.
  18. Yeah! I thought I thanked you in the haul or christmas thread, but maybe I didn't?
    I will amend that forthright, thanks!
  19. Hey PAAAAAUL did you get your xmas gift yet? If not I'M NOT SENDING ANOTHER ONE SO TAKE IT UP WITH AMAZON!!! lol
  20. No I have not, I started feeling better today which is what I was waiting to see about, had remembered something that may explain the nausea. Ate some bad salad dressing the night before before I realized it was bad, started feeling gross about an hour later, so I'm pretty sure that's where the nausea came from, just was compounded by falling down the next night. If anything changes from this point on, like anything starting to feel wrong again, I'll go right away. But thanks for checking in man!
  21. You get checked out yet?
  22. You would like that, WOULDN'T YOU?!?!
  23. Guess you could always just text me...
  24. Alright I'll let you know if I stumble across anything that looks worth a crap. And for the love of jesus change your profile background, I'm having an aneurism just typing this message.
  25. Don't be deceived, I need all the help I can get.
    I never look at Craigslist, you're just the fourth person to point that auction out to me.
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