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  1. I think you get off on this torment you cause, you MONSTER!
  2. Gets you every year
  3. This is not your birthday, why do you do this to me?!?
  4. Happy Fake Birthday you jerk
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOF!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
  7. Jolly good sir! I hope it's an excellent day for you!
  8. Thank you sir! You are a true gentleman among a sea of uncouthness.
  9. Happy Birthday buddy!
  10. Trust me, if a game is on both systems, I'm getting it for 360 100% of the time. Luckily he has the 360 version. So yeah, sorry man, but I'm sure I'll have something sometime that we can trade
  11. Nah, I am good with those games. So thanks. Bayonetta is good but you shouldn't get it for PS3.
  12. I would trade it with you good sir, but I already promised it to icarus in trade for Bayonetta! You don't happen to want Guitar Hero WT or Shawn White Snowboarding or Modern Warfare 2 do you?
  13. Sorry man I totally forgot to send the games on Friday, but they are in the mail and on their way as of two hours ago.
  14. Excellent, thanks man!
  15. Check was dropped off this morning, hope you get it early next week!
  16. No problem dude, just make sure I get my money, wouldn't want to have to go all Stewie on your ass
  17. Send it Thursday or Friday would be perfect. Thanks josh!!
  18. Sounds good, I'll try and send it on Friday? If not then Sat of Monday for sure.
  19. Yo dude, did you ever get the mo?
  20. Thanks man, much appreciated.
  21. Hope all's well
  22. Thanks Pineapple for Twin Snakes and the freebie guide. You are a man among boys!
  23. The guide is my gift to you, and was also not needed after relinquishing the game. But it added $4 to the shipping cost, so I'm gunna have to go ahead and take your first born. Ok? Ok.

    Thanks for the child.
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