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  1. THANK <3
  2. Here's the official message: HB SATS!! <3
  3. thanks pineapple
  4. Happy Birthday Mrs. 'Suki!!!
  5. Thank you pineapple
  6. HB Sats!!!
  7. Thank you!!!!!!
  8. Happy Birthday Sats!!! <3
  9. TY!!!!!!!
  10. HBSATS!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. ohhh nahhh....i don't mind talking about it. I mean, sure, I have some moments where I get *~triggered~* and I'm like, FUCK IT I'LL TAKE PILLS but I don't follow through with it at this point so it's not that hard for me to talk about it. I think my patience for bars and clubs has gone down a LOT, but it definitely is nice to be there to enjoy myself as MYSELF and not have to worry about getting sick in the morning, doing something stupid, etc.
  12. That's so awesome, very proud of you! And I agree it's a strange feeling but also a good one to be the only one not partaking, I went to a new years thing this year and they had a bevvy of booze and some other stuff, and it was actually more entertaining to just watch everyone get retarded and still be able to enjoy myself. And I'm pretty glad that I never tried pain pills recreationally, I think I would have had a big problem with them too. But yeah, serious congrats to you!! And thanks for sharing too, I dunno how you feel about it but I know for a lot of people it's not something they want to bring up ever.
  13. It has been one year and 2 months and i don't know how many days because after the "one year" mark I didn't think I really needed to keep exact tabs anymore. I do not miss alcohol one bit whatsoever - sometimes I kind of miss things like Vicodin and other opiates because i haven't taken those recreationaly either since then. However I don't miss it enough to start messing with them again, so I am not worried i'll relapse or anything. It's actually lamely liberating to be the only person at a bar or club not drinking.
  14. Thanks darlin! If you don't mind me asking, how long has it been for you? I remember the day I stopped because it was good, but I certainly remember some of the nights that led to me deciding I couldn't live like that anymore and some of the ramifications of stupid desicions I made. It's much better this way
  15. i totally understand...the night i decided to stop drinking is plastered in my head like a bad movie. but yeah, i'm proud of you
  16. Thanks Sats! Yeah I almost stopped counting up to this point, I just couldn't forget the date if I tried
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