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  1. I love you too, man, but you're still not getting my Butt Lite!
  2. I love you man
  3. Heh don't want me to forget eh? WELL I DIDN'T!!! HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS STROMY!
  4. Hey stormy, Happy friggin' Birthday!!!
  5. Happy Bday Stormy!
  6. Of course buddy, hope it was great!
  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes Pineapple. You come through every year
  8. Happy Bday storms!!
  9. Happy Birthday stormy!!!
  10. I love you too storm, but you're still not getting my Bud Light.
  11. I love you Pineapple!
  12. Happy Bday stormy!
  13. No problem sir, I hope it was a lovely day for ya!
  14. Thanks Pineapple!
  15. Happy Birthday stormy!!!!!
  16. Thanks Pineapple!
  17. Happy Birthday Stoooooormy!
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