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  1. Thanks, bud!
  2. Happy Birthday you devilishly handsome fellow!
  3. Happy Birthday Doc, may your drink be cool and your women fine!!!
  4. In my pooper.

    That's how the story ends, but I ran out of space. I suppose it could have been more elaborate.
  5. Happy Birthday you crazy bastard! <3
  6. Happy Birthday lover. Now bend over and take your spankings!
  7. Umm yes please, I'll take two!!!!
  8. I thought maybe you could use a virgin piņa colada for your birthday!!

  9. I thought it was a metaphor for your one-eyed monster.
  10. Yeah I do draw a lot of eyes, and a lot of those times I stop at one lol. What, you wanna fight about it?!
  11. So I noticed you like to draw eyes. ...or more specifically, just one eye.
  12. Nice job my friend! I can continue living vicariously through you now
  13. Hey! I did it, I hit on Sasha Grey!! No pictures. Her flight was 2hrs late, my friends bailed, bar owners took up all her time, I got frustrated busted through the bouncers, said " are you Sasha Grey? I'm Will Boothman! Do you come here often?" (it was reg grab opening) talkd to her for 90 sec gave her my movie asked her to watch it and hailed ass before I got tossed out!! She was really cool laughed it off and she's so fucking gorgeous man you don't even know! Weird and worst celebrity encounter I ever had nothing like a film festival where things are chill
  14. All day erry day!
  15. But did you cum?
  16. So Colombiana, I thought it was pretty fun! It had some strange parts to it and some things that made me go hmmm... but overall I thought it was a good use of an hour and a half and I remained entertained the whole time. Do suggest!
  17. Oh Shit! I didn't even catch that was a quote!
  18. I figured you would enjoy. Someone should compile all the back history I've written about you, as well as the images. I tried to find the thread in S&B where I posted that pic of you fucking a bear (and Josh's mom being a negro LOL), but I couldn't do it after 20 minutes so i gave up. There is still much to tell...
  19. Your bios make me blush! So funny, yet so accurate.
  20. Chux bought a house on an island. That's him, Kings of his island and all the booty!
  21. *I meant you will be so pleased.
  22. Doc Cock!
  23. Pine Pine!
  24. Actually, black people flow through them. He enjoys their company so much that his body has developed a way to produce new black friends through his mammary glands. It's quite intriguing. Also, he had very large nipples.
  25. I see. So, sweet chocolate milk rains from those massive airbags perched upon his big, gorilla belly?
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