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  1. Happy Birthday Kev!
  2. Anytime man!
  3. Thanks, Pineapple!
  4. Haha no problem man, hope you had a good one, loved the pic of you and the fam!
  5. Talk about faithful. Dude, you are awesome for always wishing me a happy birthday every year. Thanks!
  6. Happy Birthday Kev!
  7. Excellent man, glad to head it!
  8. Thanks for the birthday wellwishing. Had a good time with the wife and kids trick or treating.
  9. Happy Bday, man!
  10. No prob buddy, hope it was excellent!
  11. Thanks man!
  12. Happy Birthday Kev!!!
  13. Ha! I like it, well played!
  14. So you like to see details from scanners, do you?

  15. Haha no problem man, it's good to see more artists posting their stuff! And save that birthday wish, the next one is less than 2 months away
  16. Happy belated birthday, for one (sorry, life's been adventuresome as of late, TNL kinda takes the back-burner). Here's to many more years of victory and prosperity. Also, thanks for the artistic appreciation, sir!
  17. Happy Birthday sausage man!
  18. Bear in mind, my pizza rant comes from someone who 1) is very Southern, 2) Eats their ravioli straight out the can, by choice, dammit! and 3) puts brown sugar in their grits. Empirical research on my part suggest that anything sweet with grits is an utter abomination to grit-eaters the South over... or so I'm told. Bacon and cheese? 10-4. Brown sugar? Heresy.
  19. Thanks dude. And I love my pops!
  20. Nine months prior to however old you are, your Mom was spread eagle for some guy who so happens to be your old man. Think about THAT while you get some birthday strange!!

    Seriously though, happy birthday man, here's to many more.
  21. No prob bud, make is a great one!
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