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  1. Haha I'm still trying to get on each day and make the rounds, hope it's been a great day! I didn't even know they made cakes with Metamucil!
    lol stick around, they get dumber as you get older
  2. Somehow I knew you wouldn't forget me, bud! I thought I was pretty old when TNL started back in "01 or "02. Now?....hmmmm. Anyway, you're a good man for checking the birthdays...thanks!
  3. HaPPy Birthday PP!!! Holy crap you're still alive?!?!? I didn't know people could age so far without returning to dust! lol have a good one!
  4. Heh yeah it shows right on there that you're old as dirt, but without the number constantly there I think people tend to forget until it's that time again Hope it was a great day man!
  5. You come through yet again! Thanks for the birthday wish as always, bud. I would say not to tell everyone how fucking old I am, but I believe that's public info on board.
  6. Happy Birthday P. Planet!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Mr. Planet!
  8. You better have had a good one!
  9. Thanks for the birthday wish, Pineapple. I knew I could count on you.
  10. Happy Birthday PP!!!
  11. No problem man! I would have gone and made a thread but I kinda forgot in my rush to get ready for work. I hope it was awesome! I do it cuz I know how nice it feels when my bday comes around, so I gotta give the love up to my TNL brothers.
  12. Thanks for the birthday wish, Pineapple. I thought I got screwed out of a HB thread, but then I saw your message. Much appreciated.
  13. Happy Birthday dude!
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