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  1. Ha ha ha, no worries! Better late than never.
  2. Sorry I missed it man, I have not been getting on most days and I have neglected my birthday duties this year, there are no excuses but I hope you had the best birthday yet!
  3. It's just not my birthday if I don't communicate with Pineapple! So... Uh... How's it going?
  4. Hello, friend. I'd like to talk to you about our Lo... hmm? Oh, quite quite, *ahem*.

    Happy Birthday, Cheebs.
  5. lol if we all survive another 13 years I'll register that domain to automate birthday messages to all TNLers in 2030!
  6. Hahaha. It's just not my birthday without this PM. Thanks again! Always appreciated.
  7. Haappyy-BiirrtthdAY_Cheebs!
  8. It's all gravy man, welcome back and hope it was an excellent day!
  9. Oh, hey, you're still at it! Man, I haven't been here in forever. But thanks for the birthday wishes!
  10. Happy Birthday Cheebs!!!
  11. Heh it's all good man, thanks so much!
  12. Doh! I missed your birthday! Umm...Happy Birthday!
  13. Hahaha. No worries.
  14. No problem man, hope it was a great one! I just realized I missed last year, I HAVE BROKEN OUR DEAL!!! I am forever in your debt!
  15. Hey, it's Pineapple again! Thank you, as always. Good to hear from you.
  16. Happy Birthday Cheeeeeebs!
  17. Absolutely man, hope its a excellent day!
  18. Thanks for the birthday greeting!
  19. Happy Bday Cheebs!
  20. I'll make you a deal: you keep on livin', I'll keep wishing you happy bdays
  21. Another year, another thanks!
  22. Happy Birthday Cheebs!!! Hope your day is wonderful!
  23. Thanks!
  24. Happy Birthday Cheeeeeeebs!
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