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  1. Thanks so much for the Happy Birthdays. I haven't been around here much. Hope you are doing well.
  2. Happy Birthday man!!!
  3. Sounds good man, sounds like things are going well and definitely keep those videos coming!
  4. Just working mainly that and the YouTube show my friends and I do. Trying to get a game in my back catalog here there.
  5. Of course! Things are good, Bloodborne is out and it's all the things I wanted it to be so all is right in the world How about you?
  6. Thanks a lot Pineapple! Haven't been here in a while, how are things going with you?
  7. Happy Bday Daitokuji!!!
  8. No problem man, hope it was a great one!
  9. Thanks Pineapple!
  10. Happy Bday man! I will enjoy some more G.A.M.E. videos tonight in your honor!
  11. Thank you sir!!!
  12. Happy Belated Birtday!
  13. Absolutely man, I remember when this place used to do threads for each person and you got to feel real good for the day, just trying to do my part to keep them good vibes going! Hope it was an excellent one!
  14. Thanks alot Pineapple! Year after year I really appreciate the birthday wishes!
  15. HB Daitokuji!!! And the day is yours!
  16. Of course man, I hope it was a great one!
  17. Thanks for the birthday wishes Pineapple!
  18. Happy Birthday boss
  19. Haha no problem, hope it was awesome!
  20. Even tho it's a late reply thanks!
  21. It's that time again, Happy Birthday!
  22. Glad to hear it man! Have a great day!
  23. I feels like I just woke up and realized that you are how you act how you feel and if you feel great then everything is GREAT!
  24. Happy Birthday dude!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man 30, I'm right on your heels. How does it feel?
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