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  1. Happy Burfday Hero!!!
  2. Haha thanks!
  3. Oh hey, it's a double wish kinda year! HAPPY BDAY KEVIN!!! lol
    You see what I did there? On the site where I see your real name I called you Hero, and on the site where I see your handle I called you Kevin. It's pretty funny on at least 72 different levels. Except it's less funny now that I've had to explain it. Way to go, Christmas is RUINED. Umm...

    *quietly backs away*
  4. Happy Birthday Herooooooo!!!
  5. Thanks buddy!
  6. Happy Birthday Hero!!!
  7. Happy Birthday Heeeeero!!!
  8. I'm not sure if you can return it, check the website for their policies if you'd like, otherwise feel free to have one for home and office! Either way, Merry New Years
  9. hey man, if there's anyway I can return it so you can get your money back, let me know.

    (but thank you soooo much! If it can't be returned, I could always have a copy for home AND the office. Decadent!)
  10. *whew* glad you got it!
  11. Oh yeah, and don't forget to take out the crystal before you attack him, he's kinda invincible until you do that.
  12. Seath isn't too bad when you plan him out right. You're most likely going to get cursed during the fight because all his attacks cause lots of curse so don't even worry too much about it, you can't block any of his attacks so 2 handed is the way to go. If you don't have a pyromancy flame, for the love of god get one and level it up a ways, it's an invaluable tool for getting through the tough enemies. If you get up close to him and avoid the blasts as much as possible by staying near his sides, you can just wail on him until he dies. Again, a leveled up pyromancy spell is going to do huge damage to him, like almost unfair, give it a shot if you keep having trouble!
  13. happy Birthday Heeeeeeero! Lets throw down in some fightin games soon!
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