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  1. Happy Birthday Mech! <3
  2. Happy Birthday Mech!! <3
  3. Heh thats awesome, and it's honestly like my favorite sandwich too. Anywhere new I go, if they have a rueben thats the first thing I try!
  4. Thanks! There's a girl I know who just calls me Chris Sandwich because of that.
  5. Happy Birthday man! I just said your name to myself and now I'm really hungry and want a sandwich. Maybe I'll try the Revengence DLC tonight in honor of you avatar.
  6. Turned out to be very good advice, I did some more work on the foot using your idea and it worked great. Thanks again!
  7. Fuck man that is awesome, thanks for the advice! I'm gunna jump on the Dodon games right now because I've always heard people talk about them but have NEVER ACTUALLY PLAYED ONE, so for $6 I'm all about it. I'm gunna have to start looking these up on 360 if any of them exist, I still prefer to use a controller for these types of things. But yeah, my iPod just became a glorified game machine instead of the music player I was basically using it for, now if only these games didn't suck the battery dry in a friggin half hour.
  8. Your wallet is really about to hate me. Bug Princess is the localized name for Mushihimesama, which got ported to the Japanese PS2 but never made it States-side. Bug Princess 2 (which just came out and you already missed the lowered price for) is Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 that was on 360. It's also good but you fight ugly dinosaurs, if that matters to you.

    There's two Dodonpachi games (Resurrection and Blissful Death) and Espgaluda II that are excellent and I think are currently still on sale for $6 each instead of the usual $8. The good Cave games never go on sale for $1 so take what discounts you can get (the Mushihime dual-stick shooter is on sale for $1 right now and it's okay, but it's nothing like their overhead shooters).

    Once you buy those you can pick up the non-Cave Danmaku and Storm Strikers and then just stare at your iPhone, frozen with a completely inability to choose what awesome thing to play.
  9. So you seem to know what's up with these iOS shooters and shit, besides this Bug Princess (which I've honestly never heard of, but will try for sure), what else would you suggest? If these things work as smoothly as Deathsmiles then my wallet my hate you for suggesting them
  10. Happy Birthday dude!
  11. $18 is a pretty fair price, you just have to enjoy the kind of game it is (super violent Dynasty Warriors is exactly what it is). As a semi fan of the series it's pretty fun to play through the little story parts that I remember, and whipping out the super overkills is very satisfying, although I'm sure after not too long it will get a little tedious. Then again there are several of them to upgrade to, and multiple characters with different ones too so it's a fun time. So at that price I'd probably go for it, but you certainly won't hate yourself if you wait for it to drop to $5 some day.
  12. Happy Birthday sir!
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