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  1. Hi Korian!
  2. Hi Finchie
  3. I ate a corn dog.
  4. Korian pow.
  5. Finch wow.
  6. It's because i like to talk to people on this thing!
  7. Holy shit you have so many messages Finch!
  8. No, the owls are just owls.
  9. Does the owls have to do wit that hairy poter movie?
  10. my day is owl-tastic!
  11. Happy Birthday to you Finch.

    Hope you have an owl of a good day.
  12. ;__;
  13. Finch I say this with a heavy heart.

    I won't be able to make your party.

    I'll be there in spirit.

    Your Friend

  14. Yes you are! I would be delighted if you could make it!
  15. Hi Finch,

    Thank you my friend.

    Am I invited to your party?
  16. Happy birthday Korian!
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