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  1. Good man! The feeling of a new stick is always glorious, you've done well.
  2. I played a lot of Street Fighter V (got a new TES+ stick), which technically has a lot of boobs throughout!

    As ever, thanks man.
  3. Happy Birthday dude, I hope your day is full of great games, food, and boobs. Mostly boobs, though.
  4. Thanks man I appreciate it! Got a half day of work and then I'm going to hopefully jump back onto that series we love so much! I can think of no better way to spend the day
  5. You are the nicest dude on TNL and the only one that understands my unwavering love for Souls. I hope your birthday is awesome.
  6. No problem man, I'm glad to hear it was good, I hope the weekend followed suit!
  7. Thanks Pineapple! It was a good one!
  8. Happy Birthday dude!
  9. Thank you sir!
  10. Happy Bday man!
  11. Hey as long as DSII stands for DARK SOULS then I cannot and will not fault you for any loss of time you have suffered from it! I'd love to hear your impressions!
  12. I'm still around! Things were busy for a while there, but I should have more time to post now (especially since I'm taking a break from DSII after beating it - that was eating up what little free time I did have).
  13. Thanks buddy! I don't recall seeing too many posts of yours lately, how's tricks?
  14. Happy birthday Pineapple!
  15. Nice, sounds like a great time! (jokes about can't wait to get drunk with your wife and play games, har har, slap knee, move on)
  16. I spent it playing games and getting drunk with my wife, so it was pretty goddamn ideal. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it!
  17. Happy Bday man! Sorry it's near the end, hope it was an awesome day!!!
  18. Well with the world obsessed with vampires and shit, I had to go my own way. And you know what they say, witches get bitches!
  19. There was a birthday tiramisu involved, so curiously, your cheese comment ended up being a bit prophetic.

    Holy shit, you're a witch!
  20. Not a problem man, hope it was awesome and filled with cheese. Because lets be honest, cheese is great.
  21. Thank you sir! I appreciate it.
  22. Happy Birthday No1!
  23. Haha yeah this place is a strange one sometimes. And thanks much man!
  24. Oh, and dude, congrats on that one year milestone!
  25. I don't know, but it's pretty bizarre. Biff was Doc's guess before we talked for a bit, but like I told him, I'm clearly not balla enough.
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