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  1. Happy Birthday Advobobo!!!
  2. Happy Bday man, now get back in the kitchen and make yourself a pie!
  3. Thank you, sir.
  4. Happy Bday ya old fart!
  6. She likes the Steelers, unfortunately, but at least she knows that Rothlesbugger is a joke. She likes Polamalu or however you spell his name.
  7. thank you, kind sir!
  8. Happy Birthday buddy, hope it's awesome!
  9. Happy Birthday, total homo.
  10. You're welcome?
  11. thanks
  12. PM box has been slightly cleared out.
  13. Yes. Yes I do. I am not attracted to either of them, but I know a place where you can get it.

    Follow me to porn paradise, my young padawan. Join and your desires will be fulfilled.

    PS: These are the places where I ask my questions about porn and I can show up here and answer them.
  14. Hello fellow enjoyer of the womens. I would care to inquire if you may have or know where to locate any pictures or videos (zomg video *drool*) of the lovely Skye Blue and/or Summer Cummings. If you were able to assist me in this matter, there may be sexual favors and or other niceities involved.
    Thank you for your consideration in this matter, I patiently await your response.
  15. lol
  16. When a man loves a woman...
    Oh wait.
  17. SSJN was grouchy. I think it was the heat that day.
  18. Happy Birthday.

    Also: no presents for you!
  19. lies! ALL LIES!
  20. If I came to NY I think you'd try to teach me more than that, you resident pervert!!!!
    The nerve of some people...
  21. Hit the view conversation and you can reply on the other persons profile rather than your own. If you came to NY I'd teach you more shit about these pages. LOL.
  22. the grundle is over rated.
  23. what about the grundle?
  24. You are the wind beneath my wings.
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