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  1. Ooh! just sent me this. It's in a townhouse at the corner of Dekalb Ave. and Woodward Ave. in Ridgewood Queens (check 92 Dekalb Ave, Queens). Looks like a quiet, pretty block and is only 3 blocks from Cleveland Park. The L train runs pretty close to there, so it's about 8 stops to 1st Ave in Manhattan.
  2. Here's one on Flatbush Ave at Dorchester Rd in Brooklyn. The area doesn't look too bad, but not too great either. And the building is a little garish with the signage. However, there's a Chinese restaurant on the first floor! And there seems to be an abundance of churches in the area. Plus, the Q train is only a few blocks away, which is 8 stops to Canal Street/Chinatown, which warms my heart. And Prospect Park isn't that far away by foot either:
  3. Here's one at Sunset Park in Brooklyn at 44th Street and 6th Avenue. It's right across the street from Sunset Park, which is nice. It's also just a couple of blocks from lots of commerce, so shops and restaurants, etc. Also right by the R train at 45th Station:

    Here's another in that area right by Sunset Park a couple of streets back on 46th Street (look at google maps at 470 46th Street, Brooklyn), so near the R train too:
  4. Here's one in Bushwick Brooklyn at Bushwick Ave and Woodbine Street. The area I think can be dicey because it's near Bed-Stuy, but this specific area is really cute looking on all the cross streets and nearby blocks. It's clean and really pretty there:
  5. Hey, what do you know about Inwood in upper Manhattan? Anything? I've been looking at listings in that area and using google maps street view to walk around areas where the listings are and I think it looks pretty decent in Inwood.

    120 Sherman Avenue, Inwood:
  6. I’ll pass on to you some 2 bedroom listings for reasonable prices. When I'm going through the listings in my apartment summary, I'm looking at 2 bedroom places (nothing that says "flexible 2" or "converted 2") for $1400 or under (on the idea that me and Tristen could share a room). Then I check the area out on the street view on google maps and locate the building based on the description given in the listing (I generally only look at the listings with pictures so I can find that specific building on google maps street view). Then I try to find ones that are in decent areas and that have easy access to transportation. And I avoid the Bronx pretty much 100% (although I look at Pelham Parkway every now and then because it seems kind of decent).
  7. Ooh! OK! I'll send you some links then!
  8. Scourge, you can still send finds to me! I enjoy looking at apartments.
  9. Yeah, I know. But don't freak out, it wouldn't be for a couple of years. I'm sure Denver is really nice, but you have to understand, I can't get NYC off my mind.
  10. oh man, you really want me to move, don't you? i got my thing going on in Cauliflourado right now, i gotta do some serious thinking if i head back to NY! Some super serious thinking!
    also, i doooon't know! i think you might enjoy Denver if you try it! it's all sorts of hipster and scene, it has this strange small city feel, even though it's a huge city.
  11. i liked that
  12. Hey!

    Years ago I used to browse these homepages that these computer clubs in Japanese elementary schools would put up to help the kids learn how to make web pages and to share their culture at the same time. My favorite was Toyano Elementary.

    All the actual pages are gone now, but the web archive had some. Not all the links work, but a lot do. If you ever wanted an 11 year old Japanese kid to teach you how to eat cup ramen or explain bamboo that grows upside, it can be found here.

    That link leads to the 1996 class page. At the bottom of that page you can go to the Toyano Elementary homepage and visit other years.

    Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of it.
  13. You should try Denver too, if only for just a little while! I'm in the market for a new roommate too! Best move in while the griddle is hot!

    ._____. please pay rent by the 3rd of every month!
  14. Sounds like a plan! But my heart is in New York so I'm going to work towards that... And I'm going to pull you along, kicking and screaming if I have to!
  15. Scourge, it's time to move to Denver! We can go see fantastic movies at the Esquire every Friday or Saturday!
  16. AWSUM!!!
  17. Dear Scourge, you and Tristan are formally invited to my birthday party. It will be at the Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO on March 24th of the coming year. Please rsvp.
  18. i would like that a lot, actually. we will see what the next 2 years brings. I think i convinced a friend of mine to move here!
  19. Here's what I think... When Tristen graduates high school in a couple of years (he's a sophomore this year), you me and him should move to NYC and share a place. That's what I think. Brooklyn or Queens. I'll be a cabby or something. He can work some starter job and play music by night. PLEEEEEEEEASE???
  20. no wai! i'm a child of the 80's! We're only awkward when using this "mouth talk". It's much better if there's a moment that we can use to think about what we're saying
  21. I'm going to call you and make you talk with your mouth.
  22. ._. *sigh...*

    if only... if only scourge text messaged i could talk to him more... but...

    *sniff* I'll pretend i'm talking to you when i talk to Rated E
  24. YAYYYYY!! Thank goodness. You're too good for a hang up like that! Congratulations!
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