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  1. Scourge! it'll be 3 weeks since i stopped smoking on Tuesday!
  2. My heart lives in Fresh Meadows, and i will never have it back unless i return. and i never will. ):
  3. Without sounding too gay hopefully, I'd visit Denver to hang out with you. Money is an issue though. It sucks being poor. Josh said I should to come to Baltimore with Tristen to record and I'd like to do that too. And all the while I've been trying to get back to New York. My heart... It hurts...
  4. Hey Scourge, you need to visit Denver. If you're here next week we can yell at Obama and Hillary!
  5. i think i should take up boxing. perhaps it will cut down on me bashing up my hands against the car door and other objects
  6. Things that suck

    #1 withdrawal crankiness

    it's extreme
  7. i quit smoking, maybe. i really want to buy a pack, but since Tuesday i have been telling myself NO NO NO NO NO
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