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  1. i'm drawing a scene from this for today's drawing...
  2. what i meant was "i'll read it all right now because it's amazing and now i want to go buy cooking supplies"
  3. It's one of the Time Bokan series openings. it actually looks like one of the more interesting ones, but it was the shortest one because when it came out in 1983 no one in Japan cared about Time Bokan anymore, because by that time they'd had a straight run of more than 450 episodes of Time Bokan.

    also thanks for the Cooking Papa link! I'm going to read it tonight

  4. What a lewd cartoon! I like it!

    Chapter 4 of Cooking Papa is out.
  5. AGHHH the one-eyed monster!
  6. someone started translating the manga. It's super cute, he is moe moe and has a hot wife. I want to be him when I grow up and become a manager.
  7. i want to see it, but i don't think it exists anywhere in english
  8. Have you seen this show?

    I wish dad moe was a genre.
  9. I am pawgfrog. You should download zookeeper and play with me!
  10. i came across an iphone person named pawgfrog... IS THAT YOU?
  11. Lol that was a hilarious butthole move Moustache made at the end.

  12. Poor Boyacky. Tatsunoko heroes are all buttholes. I wish Doronjo would poop in Yatterman's stupid face. Doronbo FOREVER.
  13. Furaran! Furaran! Randabuuuu

    I wonder why the Japanese think yoyos are weapons.
  14. dunlap if you haven't already, you should get some cheap Yawara from Right Stuff
  15. Oh, tender love, gimme some love!
    That was a cool song, thanks.
  16. darling~
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