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  1. oh hey thank you!
  2. Well if it tain't your birthday ha ha hg.

    Hbd, sir.
  3. yup, got Dragon's Crown today. It's hella quest-and-loot so not normally my thing but it's very pretty and all my friends want to play it
  4. Are you going to buy or have you bought Dragon Crown, Tain?
  5. Yeah he is.
  6. I like them, but I don't have enough local competition and online play in any genre is a "once in a while" thing for me. It's weird!

    I'm planning on playing AE 360, maybe I should join all the cool kids. Or maybe the cool kids are playing something else.
  7. Yeah, it is dookie. I suspect you'd have even less patience for it than I did. Steer clear!

    I'm surprised you don't play fighting games, Tain, they being the gamiest of all videogames.
  8. Done!
  9. Please post impressions of Demon's' S'oul's' when you have played enough of it to do so with confidence! I'm tempted to get it, but it sounds like it might be fucking terrible (grinding, single player MMO vibe, impermanent weapons), and you're one of the few whose opinions I trust when it comes to these things.

    Some of the people who like it say things like Mad World is better than God Hand, which brings yesterday's meals to today's mouth.
  10. I'm glad! All my signature hard work was going to waste.
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