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  1. I'm going to tell you a secret:

    Yooka Laylee looks bad

    It looks like a terrible game just like Banjo Kazooie, which was awful.

  2. it's from

    there is a second part, but i think it's better with one panel

  3. i like that you can see her butt for a split second

  4. if zelda was on Sega Genesis it would sound like this with more metallic shrieking sounds
  5. It's a ladder, right?
  6. this could be your real birthday drawing, but i can't send it to you in the mail because i'd have to tear up my sketchbook to remove it...
  7. mzo i was going to make you a Lammy drawing for your birthday, but it ended up kind of weird for a birthday drawing...


  8. i think she wants to have a corpse party...
  9. Wow, that is so cute.
  10. Nah, i'm okay. SSJN and i HAVE A DEAL. Thanks though!
  11. I found a naked Rune Factory 3 for $15, and it looks like there are more in the area. You want one even if it's not complete?

  12. that one with the derp...
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