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  1. Flipnote Studio is so addictive. GOTY?
  2. Chokey Chicken has one hell of an interview process for it's chicken, I hear.
    On flipnotes - awesome! Make some cool stuff!
  3. chokey chicken is made of people! i am dl'ing flip notes tonight!
  4. Wendy's spicy chicken is made from people, if that helps explain the flavor at all. Also, have you checked out Flipnote Studio yet, you rude owl?
  5. I uploaded a picture of it to the F-Chan community. I was quite proud of the end result.
  6. No it didn't! Dag, the wrapping paper is so double grawesome i cannot express it
  7. Awesome! Glad it got there okay, Finch! I was afraid the box that I had made out of a bigger box was going to get crushed in the shipping!
  8. Thank you so much for the bobby green man, Geen! He is soothing me through green energy! i love the wrapping paper and Pacs Man card too! I will put them on my wall.
  9. O : i got something in the mail from you. what.... what is it! i have to run to work, but i will find out when i am back today!
  10. I'm coming after your score in Triggerheart Exelica! ... I'm coming very slowly, but I'm coming nonetheless!
  11. Haha. Thanks, Finch!
  12. omigod, i'm so sorry i missed your birthday Geen! HAY! You're younger than me! i always thought you was older because you seem very mature!
  13. ._.
  14. Dear Finch, I was looking into doing it. For the wife and I to come it would be, like, $300 for round trip tickets. I'll keep you posted but, in all seriousness, I don't think I'm going to be able to afford it at that time (between time and money). Perhaps a stuffed owl to be shipped is in order, though.
  15. Dear Geen, if you really do end up doing that i will be so happy
  16. Dear Finch, Just for the comment on Pineapple's profile, I will be buying a plane ticket and showing up at Casa Bonita on March 24th. I look forward to the puppet show and waterfall jumper.
  17. Dear Geen, you are invited to my birthday party at the Casa Bonita in Lakewood, CO. It will be on March 24th of the coming year. You should be there, because all of your friends will be there.
  18. Geen! you don't have any visitor messages! i cleaned out my inbox a little...
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