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  1. Happy Bday bahn!
  2. Happy Birthday bahn!
  3. Happy Birthday sir!
  4. HB bahn!
  5. Happy Bday bahn!
  6. No problem sir I'm glad to hear it !
  7. Thanks Pineapple... you're always remember!

    Doing really good man.. thank you!
  8. Happy Birthday bahn! How've you been man? I don't tend to see you posting much these days. Hope your day is stellar!
  9. Happy Birthday from the TNL side yo!
  10. Unfortunatly I can't let you kick my ass at SF4 since I sold my copy to Yeller but I'm really glad to hear you're good for now. If you get rid of your ZBOZ I'll have no one to beat down on me (cuz I'm better than everyone else, bar none). Nice to hear you're doing good, feed that family man, you are my idol (seriously you are).
  11. Thanks Pineapple! Some folks actually donated and it was enough to help me out till I can get situated; so I get to keep the system (for now)
  12. I hope things work out for you man, I'm sad to see you selling the 360. Trust me when I say if I had any kind of income I'd be more than happy to help you out. Stay strong sir!
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