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  1. You're the best! Around!

  2. happy birsday
  3. Bro, bro, bite the clover!

    Happy Belated birthday
  5. Whaaa so kawaii! Thanks for the well wishes.

    Now buy me a 3DS and Animal Crossing so we can play and send pictochats.

  6. A silent lamb!
  7. happy basuday
  8. These guys had it for a while, but i think they dropped it. ): i don't think anyone's even torrenting the episodes they did have done (1-7)

  9. I wish people would fan sub these old series instead of new one.
  10. Boshi-dono killed the cafe again... i hope it comes back soon
  11. i ordered a game from eBay and i was looking at my Paypal account and it said the person i sent payment to was JOHN DUNLAP.

  12. that tiger is dang moe
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