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  1. took long enough. :P
  2. Hi!
  3. hi
  4. I used to work at Lane Bryant. The women there swore by them and would tell me that they were the most comfortable piece of clothing they wore.
  5. More comfortable? You know that from experience or what?
  6. I wasn't saying you looked bad. You looked awesome. OMG! But I think all women should look into spanx. That shit works. Its better than tights and more comfortable.
  7. LOL! OMG!

    She looks like Rosa Perez!
  8. hopefully. I don't have many online games though.

    Gears and Vegas.
  9. lol Thanks. I'm hardly ever on live since my internet at home is the worst ever, but hopefully I'll get lucky and see you on sometime.
  10. hi. I friend requested you on Live.
  11. I didn't die, silly. How's it going?
  12. did you die?
  13. "Burning like a silver flame. Temptress of beauty and love ... and Venus was her name!"
  14. Don't tell lies. Bananas are the devil.
  15. Bananarama!
  16. Don't listen to your sister who broke Korians heart.

    Bananas rock. And then in your ears are hilarious and helps rid yourself of any diseases that ail you.

  18. LOL. Elkino finally made this place like Myspace.

    hint: the posting of thanks for the add. LOL.

    myTNLspace sucks now.
  19. added.
  20. Yay! Thanks.
  21. Bowers.

    Adam Bowers
  22. I tried to friend request you on myspace, but I don't know your last name.
  23. Of course I remember. Your "hb" was the most meaningful of all.
  24. I was joking. I know when your birthday was ... geez so serious.

    Remember I wished you a HB in the thread? Also, Biff is 'special'.
  25. Huh? Biff's weird. I have no idea what he's talking about.

    And no, my birthday was in April.
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