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  1. I've been on a WaHP tear for the past week. Thanks to you guys, I've started buying copies of Mangajin and I'm thinking about giving Kingdom Hearts another shot.
    Hope everything is cool with y'all!
  2. Damn.
    Better late than never?
    Happy Birthday!
  3. I post stuff every single weekday on EGM's website! Only reason I'm not in EGMi more is because I get to be pickier about which reviews I do, versus people like poor Ray who gets dumped with a bunch of crap to review.
  4. I just subscribed to EGM again. How dumb of a move was that? Is there a reason you and The Tool haven't had an article posted online since September?
    Also: Holy shit, how long is your hair?
  5. I'm trying to see how many magazines from my childhood I can show up in!
  6. What has this world come to when I see a Mr. Eric Patterson article in EGM?!
    You've broken the hearts of many Game Fans sir.

    But seriously, glad to see you in print, even if it was just a lil piece. I saw Casey in there too. Can Nick be far behind?
  7. cka puts out.
  8. Why does cka get his name lowercased but I don't OH MY GOD!
    I mean...not being a smart video game fan?
  10. I'm listening to the latest podcast. You used a very unlady like word to describe that fire fighter game. Thankfully, no one was in the store to hear it!
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